Buffalo Wild Wings PR Celebration
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Description:  Each year we divide the team into groups that are comprised of multiple grade and ability levels.  These groups warm-up together and provide a resource for younger runners to easily find teammate mentors.  After each race we total how many PRs each team recorded.  The teams (one boy and on girl) that have the most cumulative PRs at after the conference championship are rewarded with dinner with the coaches and some “swag.”

Our 2021 Winners are the members of “Charlie’s Angels” and “Abby’s Piglets”:
Barajas, B
Barington, G
Beining, P
Haase, A
Lulloff, Z
Lunde, D
Mach, A
Nolle, M
Passel, E
VandenHouten, D
Witczak, L
Zankoul, L
Alvarado, A
Broekman, R
Budzanowski, M
Chambers, L
DeRuyter, C
Elfner, A
Ertman, L
Hejny, E
Jarocki, J
Neta, F
Nowak, I
Stumpf, J

Updated:  October 17, 2021