Care of Uniforms During Season

Team Uniforms  –These belong to the team and must be returned at the end of the season to avoid a charge from the school. Care instructions for uniforms:
1. Wash in cold water separate from anything that will stain them.
2. Hang to dry (no dryers).
3. Keep separate from racing spikes or velcro when packing a race bag as these things can damage the uniform.

End of Season Uniform Return Procedure

Uniform Turn In:
Who: All Runners even if advancing on to sectionals and state.
When: Friday October 13th at the start of practice.
How: Uniforms needs to washed, fully dried and placed in the bag in which you received them.
If you did not turn in your uniform in on Friday, turn it in this week ASAP to the Atrium desk in the bag in which you received it. Place a small sheet of paper in the bag with your name on it.
If you are unable to return the uniform on Friday you must contact Tracy Capamaccio, ph: 920-371-4996.
Remember – Anyone with a lost or damaged racing uniform will be required to pay a $200.00 replacement fee, payable to NDA. 

Thank you!

Updated:  Oct 8, 2023