End of Season Uniform Return Procedure

2020 Uniform Return:  Friday, October 16th.

Who:  All CC athletes, even those running Sectionals

End of Season Uniform Return Procedures:
Team uniform return will begin on Friday, October 16th.   Even if you/your runner is running Sectionals, they should return their regular season uniform now.   They will receive another uniform to wear for Sectionals.  

Our team is responsible to return more than 140 uniforms to NDA in a timely fashion.   Please follow these instructions as you prepare to return your uniforms.  Thank you for being so responsible.  It really helps everyone!

1.       ALL CC racing uniforms MUST be washed, dried and bagged in a one-gallon Ziploc bag.
2.       Uniforms MUST be returned to NDA free of stains, tears and frays, and MUST be completely dry before bagging them.  (Some years, upon inspection at NDA, we found that a few uniforms were quite damp. This is not acceptable as It results in growth of mold & mildew)
3.       Label the one-gallon Ziploc bag with the uniform number, size and gender in permanent marker. (i.e.:  #121   Boy  Large)
4.       Bring the clean, dry, bagged, and marked uniforms to practice on Friday, Oct 16th.  If unable to do so place the appropriate gender bins, located in Margaret Yakel’s office (Athletic Department Admin), 2nd floor Priory hallway beginning Monday, October 19st.    All uniforms should be returned by Monday, October 26th (including sectional runners since different uniforms will be used for sectionals).
5.       All uniforms will be inspected and inventoried upon return to NDA.
6.       Anyone with a lost or damaged racing uniform will be required to pay a $200.00 replacement fee, payable to NDA. 

Thank you!

Updated:  July 16, 2020