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Candid Photos:  NDA CC Shutterfly Signup

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Shutterfly Opt-in and Instructions for New Users

Welcome to the NDA Cross Country Shutterfly Site. Shutterfly is a secure photo-sharing site for our team. Before you are able to post photos on the site you must first register a Shutterfly account and get permission to post. Then you will be able to view and add photos/video to the site. You will also be able to utilize the Shutterfly site for your own use.

You must first send an email to requesting an “invite” to view and post. It is a private site and you will get an email back within a few days with your own personal “invite”. You will then be able to view and post as much as you like at:

If you are already signed up, we would love to have you post your photos now!

A couple tips. If possible caption your photos with a place, date and name. Clever descriptions are always fun. Edit your photos to minimize redundant pictures and enjoy the season and our great NDA Cross Country Team. Once signed up you can access Shutterfly directly through the NDA Cross Country Site at

Primary Parent Contact:  Mark Ernst, email