State Championship

2022 State Boys & Girls  Cross Country Championships
Saturday, Oct. 29 at  Ridges Golf Course
Wisconsin Rapids

Girls’ Competition                                Boys’ Competition
12:00 p.m. – Division 3                           2:00 p.m. – Division 3
12:40 p.m. – Division 2                           2:35 p.m. – Division 2
1:20 p.m. – Division 1                             3:10 p.m. – Division 1

Live Results

WIAA Document Describing All Important Information
The above includes:
–  Map of shuttle stops for transportation
–  Course Map

Shuttle Locations (ONLY 2 THIS YEAR)- Shuttle locations are at Wisconsin Rapids High School (1801 16th Street South) and the Grand Rapids Lion’s Club (2411 36th Street South). 450 parking spaces have been lost at Wisconsin Rapids High School due to construction on the athletic fields. The Grand Rapids Lion’s Club is a little over one mile east of the high school of Cty. Trk. W. and has space to hold more than 700 vehicles

Parking (NEW THIS YEAR)-  $5.00 parking fee per vehicle for parking at Wisconsin Rapids High School and the Grand Rapids Lions Club, the two shuttle sites. Link to parking map After offering the shuttle buses (since 1996) at no cost for either parking or the ride, to help offset increasing bus costs, there will be a $5.00 parking fee per vehicle and $25 parking fee for Fan Buses. There will be no charge to board the buses and shuttle to and from The Ridges. Also, people entering The Ridges parking lot using their handicapped tags will also be required to pay a $5.00 parking fee. Due to construction on the high school athletic fields, the high school parking lot has 450 fewer spaces this year, yet parking is also available at the Lions Club.

SpectatorsSPECTATOR ENTRY TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED ONLINE; NO CASH ENTRY; $9 each. Ticketing Website. All spectators will be shuttled by buses to the 20th Street Entrance. Riders are expected to wear a mask on the bus as it is the policy of the Wisconsin Rapids School District of all riders on their buses. Spectators MUST purchase their ticket online using the GoFan app. (CLICK HERE) Ticketing is required prior to admittance to the meet. Admission is $9.00 per person (Child/Student/Adult). There will be no entry without prior ticketing. NO CASH ENTRY. Coaches, please copy and distribute the shuttle bus map to your spectators.

State Meet Information
Over the years, we have worked to make the State Meet a special event for as many kids on our team as possible. We invite extra team members but are limited by bus size and hotel space. It is our goal to increase the number of our teammates who get a taste of the excitement of a state meet and build a group that can be there to help our racers perform well. 
While we are disappointed that we cannot bring everyone on the bus, we would love to have as many of our CC family join us for the races at the Ridges Golf Course on Saturday as possible. It is hard to describe the dramatic difference our “green machine” can make in this race when we have large numbers of our supporters in the back part of the state course where the race gets hard.

Overnight meet:  Team will depart Oct 28 – the day before the competition

Hotel Information:   If we have State qualifiers, those athletes and coaches attending State will stay at the following hotel: Holiday Inn Hotel and Convention Center 1001 Amber Ave Stevens Point, WI.    ph: 715-344-0200.

If you call to book a room, please DO NOT book within the team block. Those are rooms reserved for athletes and coaches only, please. Families are asked to book their own rooms outside this block.


Awards – Individual and team awards will be presented at The Ridges Golf Course, 15 minutes after the start of the last race of the day, the Division 3 Girls. They will be awarded at the Starting Line, on the berm just behind lanes 1-6.
3:25 pm Awards – D3 Girls
3:35 pm Awards – D3 Boys
3:45 pm Awards – D2 Girls
3:55 pm Awards – D2 Boys
4:05 pm Awards – D1 Girls
4:15 pm Awards – D1 Boys

Competition Site –The Ridges Golf Course in Wisconsin Rapids (one mile east of Highway 13 on Country Trunk “Z” Griffith Avenue). The Ridges Golf Course is a beautiful site to compete or watch a cross country race. Please, however, stay off the golf greens, the tee boxes, and out of sand traps. No Frisbees, footballs, soccer balls, etc., are allowed out on the golf course. When using an umbrella, please be aware of your location in order to not impede coaches or runners.

No Smoking/No Pets – The WIAA has a “No Smoking” policy for all of its State Tournaments. No pets allowed on The Ridges Golf Course grounds or any place on the campus of Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln High School.

WIAA State Cross Country Apparel Purchase –Items Available for Purchase Located in Tent Behind Driving Range1. T-shirts and Stocking Caps – $15, Long Sleeve – $20, Crew Sweatshirts – $25, Hooded Sweatshirts – $30 2. Programs – $5     3. Concessions in the Pavilion Banquet Hall.

Due to COVID related supply chain issues, there has been a shortage of clothing sizes and colors as well as long waits to receive items. Therefore, we will not be able to offer online purchasing this year. We have no guarantees that what we offer on the website will be available or when it could be delivered. As a result, we are ordering as much as we can ahead of the event and making it available ONLY on Friday night at Wisconsin Rapids High School and Saturday at The Ridges.