Updated Sept 24, 2022


If you are going to miss practice, it is your responsibility to text prior to the start of practice.  Use our text system, Remind, to request excused absences. We have such a large team we ONLY accept absence reporting via Remind text.  Even if you tell a Coach you will be missing practice, you must still follow up with a Remind text (example message, “I have a doctor’s appointment”). We will respond that we have received your request.

Instructions for Reporting Absences:  NOTE: Messages from REMIND do NOT go to the entire team or the parents, so don’t be afraid to use it.

Method #1:   Reply to any of the Remind Cross Country messages -when offered a choice reply to Lauri Cullen.  Reply on your text stream to any message generated from Remind .

Method #2:  For Direct Text Messaging (outside of the App), text Lauri Cullen at 920 562-7850.

Please tell us briefly why you are missing practice or a meet.

If you do not receive a reply that we received your text or for other troubleshooting of Remind, please text/call Lauri Cullen (920) 562 7850 or email lauri.nebel.cullen@gmail.com.

Excused Absence Policy

It is understood athletes will occasionally miss practice or a meet due to illness or other conflicts; however unexcused absences are not permitted. Excused absences are obtained by texting per the instructions above (excessive excused absences will be addressed by the coaching staff.)

  • The first unexcused absence will result in a warning.
  • The second unexcused absence will result in termination from the team. This applies for meets as well as practices.