Dr. Rolf Lulloff

Hi all you amazing NDA student Cross Country Runners, parents, NDA friends, and fellow coaches. I’m Rolf Lulloff, a ‘rookie’ 1st year assistant coach.  You can call me “Coach Rolf” or “Doctor Rolf” (I am a retired Orthopedic Surgeon)or even “Grandpa Rolf”.  I happen to be the ‘oldest of the coaches’,  79 !!! and also the “slowest runner of all the coaches”, but did successfully run my 1st  of 4  Boston Marathons,  in 1974, probably before many of you were born.

My late wife Ann, our children and grandchildren have uplifted and supported me through my many years of running. I learned while in medical school and newly married that running made me ‘feel good’ , was a great stress reliever, and ‘cleared the cobwebs” from my brain.  I still run, even with the grandchildren such as Heidi and Zita, as it keeps my Brain Healthy.  Good coaches learn so much from their athletes and I am so grateful for all of you for teaching me new things. And a special thank you to Coach Gard and all the Coaches for welcoming me on board!

Photo of Rolf and Ann Lulloff after the 2014 Boston Marathon. “I could have never done this without all of her love and support.”  Ann passed away in 2021 and is greatly missed by all who knew and loved her.

Updated Aug 23, 2021