NDA CC Parent Organization 2018

Updated Sept 30, 2018

Currently active “Sign Up Genius” Opportunities:

Help with the Pasta Dinner (Oct 8) – click here

General Help:  To Volunteer for Current Needs – click here

Camp Gard Assistance – click here

General Supplies:  To Sign up for Needed Supplies – click here

 Any questions may be directed to Pam Gerstner, NDA CC Parent Volunteer Coordinator, at ndaccparentvolunteering@gmail.com, or (920) 655-4081.

Get Involved to Support the Team

Our Parent Group motto is “Many Hands Make Light Work”.  We have found that not only are we helping the CC Team, but we are also forming a wonderful family atmosphere at NDA.

Below is a summary of “Key Volunteer Roles” and other “Meet-by-Meet Volunteers” that are still needed for the 2018 season.  Key Volunteer Roles are “Chair” positions, which is a specific lead role commitment for the Season.  The time commitment is roughly 30-min to 1-hour per week.  The “Meet-by-Meet Volunteers” are roles that take just a few minutes for the meets you can assist at and are a fun easy way to get involved and support the runner.

Key Volunteer Roles:
Bus Attendance Chair
Cold Towel Coordinator Chair
Camp “Gard” Shadow
Warm-up Collection
Team Historian
Website Shadow

Meet-by-Meet Volunteers:
Bus Attendance (10 Needed)
“Camp Gard” Set-up (20 Needed)
Warm-up Collection (10 Needed)
Chute Attendees (20 Needed)

We need ALL of you to keep this incredible fine-oiled machine, known as the Notre Dame Academy Cross Country (NDA CC) Team, running.  Thank you for considering to share your many blessings!  Click here to volunteer .

Should any questions arise on how you can get involved, please contact Pam Gerstner, Parent Volunteer Coordinator via email at ndaccparentvolunteering@gmail.com or cell phone: 920-655-4081.

Parent Organization Roles

Welcome to our NDA Cross Country family.  We are blessed to have so many dedicated parents who help with our large team.  Our Parent Group motto is “Many Hands Make Light Work.”  We have found that not only are we helping the CC team, but also we are forming a wonderful family atmosphere at NDA.

There is something for everyone. Some roles take just a few minutes a few times a season, and other roles allow you to get very involved in the functioning of the team.   A comprehensive list is below:

Social Events: (FILLED! Chair:  Julie Skaletski bskaletski@new.rr.com )

Opening Season Party Assistants:  (Volunteers Needed) Assists the host family with party plans; helps the host with set-up and clean-up duties.  (This party is August 18)

Pasta Dinner Hosts:  (FILLED! 2 Hosts Secured)   Hosts & provides the pasta/main course for the athletes’ pasta dinner (100 to 150 athletes) following their practice.  Pasta dinners can be held at the host family’s home or at the NDA Commons, with advanced reservations made at the school. (Parents of senior athletes have first preference).  (Pasta dinners for 2018 are:  September 18 and October 9)

Pasta Dinner Assistants: (Volunteers Needed) Assists the host family with party plans, provides needed food, and helps with set-up and clean-up duties.

Team/Family Mass Brunch:  : (Volunteers Needed) Parents work together to organize, set-up and clean-up our team/family potluck brunch following the team Mass at St Johns on September 9.

Year End Banquet Co-Chair:  (Co-Chairs: Linda Roach, Lori Rentmeester and Heidi Zingler-Hoslet, and Planning Committee Members NeededCo-lead the preparation and organization for the year-end banquet taking place on November 8.  Committee Members meet with Co-chairs at scheduled times to help plan and then facilitate the Banquet.

Videographer:  (Jack Chovan and Shadow Volunteer Needed) Responsible for creating our year-end team video for the CC banquet.  

Meet Organization:

Bus Attendance :  (Chair Needed and Meet-by-Meet Volunteers Needed ) Be at school prior to runner release for meets. Gather any coolers or supplies from the Atrium for the meet (milk, etc). Help make sure runners are quiet and respectful when leaving school. Confirm bus attendance with the office at school.

Chocolate Milk/Camp Ice:  (Chair: Jamie Ledvina and Volunteer Needed)    Buys and delivers chocolate milk and ice for the meet; adds ice to the drink coolers at the meet.  Makes baggies of ice for first aid use.  (expenses are reimbursed)

“Camp Gard” Set-Up :   (Chair: Dave Sauter, Shadow for Next Year Chair role and Meet-by-Meet Volunteers Needed) Assists with camp set-up and clean up for each meet. You will be contacted to sign-up for specific meets.

Sub Sandwiches: (Chair Needed) Orders and Picks up sandwiches from Cousins on Webster Avenue, and delivers them to the Meets or to NDA on Meet days.

 Supplies Manager: (Chair: Melissa Warden and Meet-by-Meet Volunteers Needed)  Monitors supply levels of disposable items in camp (list will be provided; examples: cups, garbage bags, etc).  Replenishes supplies as needed.   Works with volunteer coordinator to request supply donations as needed, (any expenses are reimbursed).

Warm-up Collection : (Chair: Heidi Janowski and Meet-by-Meet Volunteers Needed) Organize and schedule the volunteers who collect athletes’ warm-ups at the start line and returns them to Camp.

Chute Volunteers :  (Chair: Rhonda Cumicek and Meet-by-Meet Volunteers Needed)  Organizes volunteers who assist winded athletes after their race, providing possible chute or post chute care (distributing a band-aid, providing water, etc.). Parents with a calm and comforting disposition are needed.

Communication and Team Organization:  

Foreign Exchange Student Liaison: (FILLED! Chair: Paula Brummel)  Works in conjunction with Coach Brandt and Registration Chair (Sherry Comar) to assist families of exchange students get their runner registered to run, answer questions of host families, provide information about our team to the students and their host families.  Exchange students generally arrive after the season has started.

 Photo Owner:  (FILLED! Chair: Mark Ernst) Confirms a platform to collet, store and share photos taken by families of the team.  Provides directions to the team on how to use the platform.  Keeps the storage platform update year- to- year.

 Team Historian:   (Volunteer Needed) Track key team history for the season; document history for the team website. (Conference Honors, Sectional Honors, State Qualifiers, State Honors, etc.). Work with website owner to update website history.

Team Newsletter Editor:   (FILLED! Chair: Patti Chovan, and Shadow for Next Season:  Paula Brummel)   Creates and distributes the weekly team newsletter.

Website Owner:  (Chair: Lauri Cullen and Volunteer Needed) Maintains the NDA CC Team Website.  Works in tandem with the newsletter owner to provide information to/from the newsletter and website.  Works in tandem with coaches and parent leaders to keep website current.