NDA CC Parent Organization 2022

Updated: Sept 11, 2022

Parent Help Needed – Current Needs

Click the links below to sign up to help with the following:

Camp Gard
Cold Towels
Chocolate Milk
Chute Volunteers
Banana Bin
Bus Attendance
Warm Up Collection

Welcome to the 2022 season of cross country at NDA.  As we work to create the best possible experience for our runners, we are looking for some specific help from our parent volunteers.   If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me, Michelle Nowak, Parent Volunteer Coordinator, at culinaryrd1@gmail.com or 920-634-9065.

 Below to be updated for 2022 soon!
NDA CC 2021 Parent Organization Directory: Category Leaders

Many of the activities we do during the normal season may not be possible/feasible due to COVID, but for reference we are still posting “normal” season responsibilities.  The sign up genius above is your best source to know where help is needed.

Parent Volunteer Coordinator: Michelle Nowak
Parent Team Liaison:  Sarah Stumpf
Parent Organization Treasurer:  Laura Letter
Uniform Manager:  Chris Guyette
Booster Club Representative:  Michelle Nowak

Social Events Chair/Co-Chairs:  Jenny Kukiela
Opening Season Party Host Location: The Conway Home
Pasta Dinner Hosts:  Amy Neveau
Team/Family Mass Brunch Chair: Pam Gerstner/Julie Skaletski
Banquet Chair: Elizabeth Lulloff
Banquet Shadow: OPEN
Videographer for Banquet Chair: OPEN

Attendance Chair:  Sara Beno-Chambers
Backpack Transportation Chair: Sara Beno-Chambers
Bibs and Chips: Cate Zeuske/Leslie Vogel
“Camp Gard” Set-Up Co-Chairs : Mark Ernst/Scott Sievert
“Camp Gard” Shadow: OPEN
Chute Chair:  Alisa Conway
Chocolate Milk/Camp Ice Chair:  Jennifer Lynch
Fruit Chair:  Julia Broullire
Sub Sandwich Chair:  Jenny Hawley
Supplies Manager Chair: Laura Beck Haase
Travel Coordinator: Chris Guyette
Travel Food Coordinator: Jenny Hawley
Warm Up Collection:  Katie Clancy

Registration Chair: Amy Neveau
Foreign Exchange Student Liaison: Paula Brummel
Photography Chair: Mark Ernst 
Historian: Alisa Conway
Team Newsletter Editor: Paula Brummel
Website: Lauri Cullen, Sarah Stumpf

NDA CC Parent Group 2021 Volunteer Roles 

Welcome to our NDA Cross Country family. We are blessed to have so many dedicated parents who help with our large team. Our Parent Group motto is “Many Hands Make Light Work.”

We have found that not only are we helping the CC team, but we are forming a wonderful family atmosphere at NDA.  Below is a summary of the volunteer roles to be filled in 2020. If you are willing to fill one of these roles, please let me know. Thank you so much! Michelle Nowak, Parent Volunteer Coordinator email: ndaccparentvolunteering@gmail.com, cell: 920-634-9065.

Social Events:

Opening Season Party Assistants: Assists the host family with party plans; helps the host with set-up and clean-up duties.

Pasta Dinner Hosts: Hosts & provides the pasta/main course for the athletes’ pasta dinner (100 to 150 athletes) following their practice. Pasta dinners can be held at the host family’s home or at the NDA Commons, with advanced reservations made at the school. (Parents of senior athletes have first preference).

Pasta Dinner Assistants: Assists the host family with party plans, provides needed food, helps with set-up and clean-up duties.

Team/Family Mass & Brunch: Parents work together to organize, set-up and clean-up for our Team/Family Potluck Brunch at St. John the Baptist school gym, which follows Mass at St. John the Baptist

Year End Banquet Assistants:  Help coordinators with various duties as needed to prepare for year end banquet.

Meet Organization:

Bus Attendance:  Be at school prior to runner release for meets.  Gather any coolers of supplies from the Atrium for the meet (milk, etc.) Help make sure runners are quiets and respectful when leaving school. Confirm bus attendance with the office at school.

Chocolate Milk/Camp Ice:  Buys and delivers chocolate milk and ice for the meet; adds ice to the drink coolers at the meets.  Makes baggies of ice for first aid use.  (Expenses are reimbursed.)

Sub Sandwiches:  Picks up pre-ordered sub sandwiches from Cousins on Webster Ave & delivers them to the meets or to NDA on meet days.

Banana Bin: Responsible for purchasing bananas & oranges and maintaining the banana bin for meets.

Booster Club Representative: Represents the team at the school-wide Booster Club as the representative for Cross Country.

Chute Volunteers: The chair will schedule the Chute volunteers for meets. (Need not be present at each meet) Chute volunteers assist winded athletes after their race, providing possible chute or post chute care (distributing a band-aid, providing water, etc). Parents with calm and comforting dispositions are needed.

Cold Towel Volunteers: Prepare and distribute cold towels to athletes at the end of the race chutes.

Camp Gard: Assists with setup and take down of camp, maintains supplies and area for runners needs.

Communication and Team Organization

Website: Maintains the NDA CC Team Website.

Works in tandem with the newsletter owner to provide information to/from the newsletter and website. Works in tandem with coaches and parent leaders to keep website current.

Uniform Distribution: Organizes group that sorts and distributes uniforms at beginning of season. Organizes group that collects, sorts and stores uniforms at end of season. Keeps the spreadsheet of uniform assignments current, and works with the athletic department to make sure all uniforms are returned each season.

Photography Chair: Confirms a platform to collect, store and share photos taken by families of the team. Provides directions to the team on how to use the platform. Keeps the storage platform updated year to year.

Videographer for Banquet Chair: Responsible for creating our year-end team video for the CC banquet.

Foreign Exchange Student Liaison: Works in conjunction with coaching staff and the register assist families of exchange students get their runner registered to run, answer questions of host families, provide information about our team to the students and their host families. Exchange students generally arrive after the season has started.

Team Historian: Updates the Team History section of our team website. Provides information to the website owner to document on the website. (history: newspaper articles, team records, state qualifiers and results, etc.)