Notre Dame Cross County Rules

Updated November 8, 2016

  • Abide by all WIAA rules
  • Abide by all Notre Dame Academy rules
  • All injuries should be reported immediately to Coach Gard, Coach Brandt, or Coach Lasecki.
  • All required paperwork must be completed prior to first practice. (Includes, but limited to, physical cards, permission to treat, travel release, etc. Please see website for a comprehensive list can be found on the website.)


  • All students must have a watch at each practice.
  • No cell phones at practice or during warm ups.
  • Change only in locker rooms. We are prohibited from changing in restrooms.
  • Be on time, no later than 3:30 pm on school days.
  • Listen respectfully when being addressed.
  • Bring a positive and hard working attitude.

Day of Meet Responsibilities

  • If you will be missing class, inform your teachers in advance to determine class make –up policies.
  • Leave school quietly and do not return to halls.
  • If you remove athletic bags from shelving to retrieve your athletic bag, RETURN the other bags to the rack. (Do not leave hallway full of bags.)
  • Buses will be full. Find a seat quickly. Quiet during attendance.
  • Cell phones must be kept in bags for the entirety of the competition, can be used on bus.
  • To leave with a parent, the release form must be on file AND you must notify the adult who is taking attendance on your bus when you are leaving. Athletes are expected to stay for the ENTIRE meet and can only leave with parents after the last event/awards. (Exceptions can by made only by Coach Brandt or Coach Gard.)
  • Help set up and tear down camp.
  • Cheer on your teammates in the other races.
  • Leave a clean bus (remove all trash).

Awards Ceremonies

We will support our opponents when they are successful (clapping and polite attention).

Uniform/ T-shirts/Warm Up

  • Bring warm ups (green) to each meet.
  • Put name on the tag of the team T-shirt and warm up, immediately upon receipt. (Do not put name on uniform)
  • Turn in uniforms the day it is required.

Confidential Information

On our website: there is a section “TEAM INFORMATION.” The username and password can be obtained by texting or emailing, 920 562 7850 or


It is understood athletes will occasionally miss practice due to illness or other conflicts; however unexcused absences will not be permitted. Excused absences are accepted; however, excessive absences will be addressed by the coaching staff.

If you are going to miss practice it is your responsibility to text Coach Gard prior to the start of practice. We will be using our text system, Celly, to request excused absences. (If you do not have texting ability, call Coach Brandt (920) 819-3572 prior to practice)

We suggest adding the number (920) 569-0552 to your cell phone contacts. This is the number associated with our text messaging system. We suggest you name it: Cross Country Text System. If you have an iPhone or Android the Celly App can be downloaded and also used for this purpose.

Instructions for reporting absences:

  1. From your cell phone dial (920) 569 0552.
  2. Athletes, text @NDACrossCountry (press send). Parents, text @NDACCParents (press send).
  3. Wait for a message stating you are now texting with Celly. (It will take a few seconds).
  4. Then send message (e.g. I have a doctor’s appointment). It is important to note the message you send will only be seen by Coach Gard and the Admin Mrs. Cullen. It does NOT go to the entire team or all the parents so don’t be afraid to use it.
  • The first unexcused absence will result in a warning. This will likely include a call to your parents that you missed without permission.
  • The second unexcused absence will result in termination from the team. This applies for meets as well as practices.