Time Trials:  August 20, 2022

Reminders for the Time Trial –
8:00 am arrival
8:30am – Girls Race,
9:00am – Boys Race
– We will be running two miles (not 5K distance).
– Bring spikes, if you have them.
– Do not wear your uniform. Wear clothing like you wear to practice.
– Bring water
– Bring dry socks for after the race
– Mosquitos have been plentiful in Colburn – pre-apply bug spray
– The bathrooms at the lower shelter should be unlocked at about 7:30am

Because of the Packer game the night before, Bay Family is unable to accommodate large groups, so we will forego any organized breakfast this year and just save our appetites for the pool party.

Pool Party Information Click Here

Updated:  Aug 16, 2022