Practice Notes

First official week of CC practice begins Monday, August 14th at NDA.

Practice will be Monday through Friday the first week. We will begin at 7:30am and will usually be completed no later than 9:00- 9:15am.

We run rain or shine, come dressed to run, please wear a watch – we run based on times (these can be very inexpensive watches).

We generally begin practice in the field between the baseball field and the faculty parking lot.  Occasionally, we will begin practice indoors – usually the alumni gym.  We typically send a REMIND text when we need to begin indoors. Please do not park in the faculty parking lot.

Once school starts practice will be after school every day at 3:30pm.

As always, I fully recognize that some families are on a final vacation the last week before school. We understand that and simply ask that you commit to the workouts we post if you can’t make practice. We want families to enjoy their time together.  Once school begins, we will be implementing our absence reporting policies.  You must report your absences – unexcused absences may result in termination from the team.  Click here for How to Report and Absence.

Each year I hear from some parents that their son or daughter is a bit nervous about running or that they haven’t done any training making them somewhat hesitant about CC.  We want our hopeful incoming runners to relax and not stress about things like this. We will do our best to welcome our new runners and families to the program and NDA and to ease the transition to high school sports.

Remember- we take all interested runners and want everybody to have a  terrific experience being a part of this wonderful team. We work patiently with our younger team members getting them into the appropriate groups and the nerves go away quickly.

Updated:  Aug 1, 2023