Updated:  Aug 16, 2021

Online Concussion Testing (Updated in 2021) is Mandatory for All Runners
The only athletes that need to complete the concussion testing are incoming freshmen, athletes who sustained a concussion in the last athletic season, or students that have not competed in NDA athletics in the past.  Returning runners/athletes are set since we can use their baseline from last year.
The Concussion Testing is being managed through our Prevea on-site trainers: Lauren Roethlisberger and Dennis Manty.  For all NDA registered athletes, the Prevea on-site trainers will be sending out an email with a personalized link for each student athlete to the Impakt online Concussion Testing. 
 The link comes from support@impacttest.com  athletes should look for this in their inboxes.
These emails will be sent in early August to your student athlete based on the email address that was provided during registration.   Student must complete (not parent). This must be completed prior to the first practice. If there are any questions about taking the test, you should first contact Lauren Roethlisberger,  Prevea Trainer at lauren.roethlisberger@prevea.com Anthony Schumann in the NDA Athletic Department at aschumann@notredameacademy.com or 920 210 7920.   Assistant Cross Country Coach Amanda Auricchio can also be reached at amanda.e.auricchio@gmail.com.