Updated:  July 22, 2018

Online Concussion Testing (New in 2018) is Mandatory for All

Please note:  students are finding that Google Chrome is the best browser to use for the test. Further the test must be taken on a computer with a keyboard – it cannot be completed on a phone or pad.  If you do not have access to a computer arrangements can be made for you to use a NDA computer.  Please contact Margaret Yakel at the information provided below.

Information on how to register at XLNTbrain.com for concussion testing can be found by clicking here.

Concussion testing for athletes has changed this year and is now run through XLNTbrain.  Athletes are able to take the test on-line and at home.  CONCUSSION TESTING IS MANDATORY FOR ALL ATHLETES THIS YEAR.   Every runner needs to complete the on-line exam by our first practice.  If there are any questions about taking the test, you should first  contact Margaret Yakel in the NDA Athletic Department at myakel@notredameacademy.com or at 920-429-6117.  Assistant Cross Country Coach Kathleen Brandt can also be reached at kathbrandt@sbcglobal.net.