NDA CC Team Warm-ups and Apparel

Ordering Team Merchandise and Green Warm-ups
There is an online store open for NDA CC merchandise. This is an option to outfit your athlete and/or family with team spiritwear.  Please note, each athlete will be receiving a team t-shirt as part of being a member of the team. In addition to optional spiritwear, new runners need a green warm-up. Coach Amanda Auricchio has some used warm-ups for sale, or you may purchase a new one.

Link to purchase spiritwear: NDA CC Spirit Merchandise Online Store

Link to our website for purchasing a warm-up: Green Warm-Up Order

BOTH stores CLOSE Thursday, September 7, 11:59 pm. 

Athletes are all required to have a NDA Warm Up for all meets.  For those athletes that have not purchased a Warm Up in the past or need a new size, Warm Ups are available for purchase within our online store.  If you would prefer to get an NDA Warm Up from our stock of “slightly used” warm ups, please don’t hesitate to contact Amanda Auricchio at 920-217-5246 to pursue this option.

New Warm Ups = $92.00 (link below)
“Slightly used” Warm Ups = $30 (Supplies are limited.)
Extra Inventory from last year (never used) =  $75.00. (Supplies are limited.)
Please remember that financial assistance is available.

Updated:  Sept 5, 2023