WIAA Cross Country Subsectional Meet 2B – Notre Dame Academy Host

Updated:  Oct 20, 2020

Results from Subsectional


Participating Teams: 
Group 1:  Kaukauna, Kimberly, Plymouth and Port Washington
Group 2:  Notre Dame, Seymour and West DePere

Release and Report Times:
12:00pm Girls are released from virtual classes
12:15pm.Boys are released from virtual classes
12:50pm Girls report to Triton Center
1:05pm  Boys report to Triton Center  

Race Schedule:
11:00 am Course Opens for Group 1
12:00pm Girls Group 1 Race (4 teams)
12:30 pm Boys Group 1 Race (4 teams)
1:05 pm All members of Group 1 Teams depart the course.
1:10 pm Course Opens for Group 2
2:10 pm Girls Group 2 Race (3 teams)
2:40 pm Boys Group 2 Race (3 teams)
After all members of Group 2 depart the course immediately after warm down.

Awards:  No awards or recognition of athletes at the race site. All final results should be communicated to the coaches as soon as possible, following the second race. 

Meet Date:  Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Help Needed:  We are hosting the WIAA Subsectional next Tuesday, Oct 20. and this requires many volunteers.  Please reach out to Michelle Nowak at 920 634 9065 for questions and sign up today with this SignUp Genius – CLICK HERE

Who Participates:  7 runners of each gender from NDA

Who Progresses to Sectional:  The top two teams of each gender and the top 5 individuals who did not qualify as a member of the team will qualify for the Sectional on Friday, Oct 23 at Hortonville.

Location: Colburn Park, Green Bay, From Hwy 41, exit east on West Mason St., turn right at Fisk St., go two blocks and turn left into the park. Continue to parking lot by the baseball field. 

Colburn Park Course Map – Click Here – Color
Colburn Park Course Map – Click Here – Black and White

Spectator Policies:

  • Two parents per participant are allowed
  • Spectators are not allowed in the team areas.
  • Dogs are not permitted (WIAA requirement)
  •  Timing of Spectators Arrival – Spectators should arrive as late as possible and leave the site immediately after the conclusion of the race in which their team competes.
    •  Spectators are not allowed to stay for both sessions.
    •  Spectators should have no contact with the athletes while on the competition site.
    •  Masks – All spectators will be masked. Masks must be worn at all times. Those who do not comply will be asked to leave.
  • Spectators – social distancing requirement:
    • Social-distancing should be maintained throughout the course (min of 6 feet)
    • Spectators must stay at least 100 feet away from the starting and finish lines
    • Spectators must stand at least 10 feet away from the course as runners pass.

What to Bring:

  • Pre-race snack for after school and before race
  • Come dressed to run (except carry spikes):
    • Uniform – Blue “Championship Phase” Uniforms
    • Warm up or equivalent for over uniform (There is no Camp Gard/bus -so dress warmly).
    • Training shoes
  • Mask (worn at all times except racing)
  • Racing shoes (spikes)
  • Second Mask (for back-up)
  • Personal Water Bottle (Labeled) – Make sure it is full!
  • Bring extra bottled water in your bags as needed – no water available.
  • After race snack and additional water (for after the race)
  • Garbage bag for belongings left outside.
  • Plastic Bag to take to the line for your warm up

WIAA Uniform/Equipment Regulations:
As it gets cold we want to remind our runners of the apparel rules for racing:

  • Gloves:
    Gloves may be worn.
    No regulation on color(s).
  • Shoes/Spikes:
    Athletes must compete using the defined appropriate shoes/spikes. Spikes, if allowed may NOT be longer 1/2 inch.
  • Jewelry
    There are no longer any restrictions regarding jewelry.
  • Headware
    The only allowed head coverings are knit caps/headbands (ear warmers) which may be solidor multi-colored. School names, nicknames, and mascots are allowed, along with a manufacturer’s logo. Items covering the entire head such as scarves, bandannas, do-rags, baseball caps, etc. may not be worn during competition. Waivers for other head coverings may be issued for religious or medical situations by the WIAA staff.
    A single manufacturer’s logo/trademark no more than 2 1/4 square inches with no dimension more than 2 1/4 inches is permissible on all apparel, including clothing worn under the uniform.
  • Flags/Patches
    The American Flag may be worn on the uniform, but shall not exceed 2″ x 3″.
    Other items may be placed on the team warm-ups provided the warm-ups are not worn in actual competition.
  • Undergarments:
    Any visible garments worn underneath the uniform top and/or bottom is considered a foundation garment.  Foundation garments can be any length (including long tights) are not subject to logo/trademark/reference or color restrictions. Reflective tape is not a violation. A sports bra is considered a foundation garment and are not considered as visible undergarments and therefore could contain more than one color in the fabric.

Lane Assignments:
Group 1:  Lane 1 : Kimberly, Lane 2: Port Washington, Lane 3: Plymouth, Lane 4:  Kaukauna.
Group 2:  Lane 1:  West DePere, Lane 2:  Notre Dame, Lane 3 Seymour.

Timing:  Results will be published on the WIAA website when final.

Buses: Buses will be used for shelter in case of inclement weather. Buses can be parked in either parking lot –by the baseball field or near pool.

Masks (from the WIAA website):

  • Everyone MUST wear a mask at all times before, during and after the event. Runners may take their mask off 2 minutes prior to the start of the race. 
  • Masks must not be dropped to the ground at the start of the race. Gators may be worn, or masks should be carried by the runner in some manner so that they can put the mask back on at the conclusion of the race. 
  • Coaches and all event/team personnel should keep masks on at all times. 

Race Protocols (From the WIAA website):

  • A designated “catcher” (must be masked) from each team must be available at the finish line to assist runners who need it, and to direct all athletes from their team to exit the finish area. Catchers are to remain socially distanced from individuals who are not a part of their team.
  • Upon completion of the race, athletes should re-mask and maintain social distance from others.
  • Starting line should be set up with a start box for each team.
  • Minimum of 6 feet between teams.
  • Athletes should run in lanes for a minimum of 100 yards 
  • Finish line should be open and no congregation or stopping around the finish line – athletes must move away from finish area quickly
  • Any personal items that will be removed from the athlete prior to the race, should be left in a designated area near the finish line, if not in the bus/team vehicle. No access behind the finish line to any spectators or non-essential personnel. 
  • Bring own supplies (masks, water, hand sanitizer and nutrition).
  • Eliminate handshakes.
  • There are no facilities for athletes to change. Please arrive prepared to run. 
  • Team Buses will be used as shelter.

Officials:  Meet Referee is Mary DeYoung and the Meet Starter is Don Tolkacz.

Trainer:  A trainer will be available near the finish line. The trainer will have emergency water (please remember to bring your own water for non-emergency hydration).  The trainer shall have an AED.

Restrooms:  Portable toilets (3) are located in the parking lot.  The shelter restrooms will not be open. Athletes should be reminded to socially distance while waiting in line for the restrooms.

Race Format (from the WIAA):

Each Sub-Sectional will be made up of two races per gender. The overall results for each gender will be combined results between each race based on finish time.

Results Release (from the WIAA):

No results will be released until both races per gender have been completed and the results have been merged. Clocks showing Race Timing can be placed on the course and at the finish, but you are not allowed to display any individual results, times etc. This includes posting results live to websites or other locations. All results must be confidential until both races for that gender are complete!

Method for Combination (from the WIAA):

For each sub-race per gender, you should use standard XC rules and procedures to break ties.When Combining both Sub-Races you will need to merge the results for each race based on times.
Based on your timing method, you will be allowed to break any ‘ties’ only up to the timing precision based on your system.

  • If there are tied athletes from the same sub-race, you can break that tie based on standard X C rules/regulations.
  • If there are ties between athletes from different sub-races once you compare them at the correct timing precision, they should be listed as a tie.
    • For the purpose of team points, you should add the values of each place and divide by two.

Example: Runner A and Runner B both have a time of 16:45.1, are from different sub races, and finish tied with the 10th team place. Both athletes would receive 10.5 team points ((10 + 11)/2).

WIAA Info:   The tab “Subsectional and Sectional Meet Information” appears to be where most updates are being posted (Click Here) as the process continues to evolve.