Kimberly Cross Country Meet

Neenah Race Results (8/31):

Results NDA Boys vs Neenah (8/31)
Results NDA Girls vs Neenah (8/31)
Results from all races (8/31)

Date:  Monday, Aug 31, 2020 (Date has been changed from Friday 8/28)

Weather Update:  Meet MOVED to Monday

Course Map


1:30pm  -Buses load NDA
2:00 pm Kimberly vs Kaukauna Girl’s – Each team will have 8 Varsity and 8 JV runners
2:30 pm Kimberly vs Kaukauna Boy’s  – Each team will have 8 Varsity and 8 JV runners
3:15 pm – Neenah vs NDA  Girl’s – Each team will have 8 Varsity and 8 JV runners
3:45 pm  – Neenah vs NDA  Boy’s – Each team will have 8 Varsity and 8 JV runners
5:30 pm – Estimated Return to NDA

NDA Participants:  Coach Gard inviting runners based on several things including perceived fitness level and some seniority.  It will be an imperfect process but we had to make quick decisions. Also, I don’t want to drop this on kids that would benefit from one more week of preparation.  Thanks for your understanding.

What the athlete needs to bring:

  • Uniform (wear on bus)
  • Training Shoes (wear on bus)
  • Racing flats/Spikes (see note below)
  • Dry clothing for after race (t-shirt, sweat shirt)
  • Mask – (with name on it)
  • Full Water Bottle – (with name on it)
  • Eat a good breakfast
  • Food for after meet: We will not be providing food for after the meet. Ideally you would bring a post-race meal similar to what we have provided in the past – a sub with turkey or ham and cheese.

Race Day Shoes (a.k.a. spikes): –We encourage everyone to have a pair of cross country racing spikes. Runaway Shoes (2901 Ramada Way in Ashwaubenon) has a good inventory of spikes.  We also have some limited used pairs that can be used at meet.  If you go into Runaway- tell them you are with ND CC and you should get a price break.


  1. Please inform your parents that we will not be allowing spectators

Timing, Scoring and Results

  1. This timing system is contactless which allows for an open chute and no cards being handed out.  We will have a video back up.
  2. Chips must be returned before leaving the meet.
  3. The race will be scored varsity only using the top five runners from each team.  No designation between varsity and JV will be used.
  4. Results will be posted at


  1. All athletes and coaches must bring masks and their own water bottles.  


  1.  A trainer will be provided starting at 9 am near the finish line.


  1. Buses will drop off in the back lot of the high school and will then move to the front lot.
  2. Buses will be used in case of inclement weather.(will use building in case of severe weather)


  1. Masks worn at all times unless running during warmup or racing.
  2. Coaches masks worn at all times when in close proximity to athletes or other coaches.  This includes during races.

Team areas

  1. Team areas will be in the back parking lot using parking lines to space out areas.  Cones will indicate the area designated for each team.  More information will be given upon arrival.
  2. Coaches will monitor team areas to make sure masks are worn and athletes are abiding to physical distancing.


  1. Portajohns (4) are located behind the high school near the baseball field.

Starting line

  1. Runners cannot report to the start line until 5 min before the start.  They may do warm up strides and drills in the baseball field or adjacent service road prior to reporting to the starting line.
  2. Both teams will line up their top 8 runners on the line 6 feet apart.  The next 8 runners will line up behind their teammates 6 feet behind them.  Both will start at the gun.
  3. Masks will be worn until 30 sec before the race start.  Runners should hold their masks so they have access to them at the finish or if they feel a need to use them during the race.
  4. No team huddles or cheers.


  1. Runners should do their best to not run directly next to in front of or behind someone within reason.  The course is wide enough in many areas where they could run 6 feet apart while still side by side.
  2. Runners should run through the chute and disperse from the finish line immediately after the race.  We will have workers to facilitate this process.

After the race

  1. Runners will be afforded 20 minutes to complete a cool down.  That cool down should not be done on any part of the course that would impede the runners of the next race nor should it be used to cheer for the racers.  
  2. After a team has completed their assigned races and cooldowns they should report to buses and leave the meet as soon as possible.