FVA Fall Cross Country Conference Championship

Updated:  10/14/2020

Date: Thursday, October 15, 2020

Course Map

Unique Transportation:  Parents will transport their own athlete to the meet.  Parents please sign and complete the Travel Release Form – CLICK HERE and return to Coach Becky Smith at practice no later than Tuesday, Oct 13.

Location: Countryside Golf Course, W726 Weiler Rd, Kaukauna, WI 54130
​Countryside Golf Course is a privately owned facility. Please ask your students and fans to respect the facility and to also stay off the greens.

Participating Schools:  Hortonville, Neenah, Kimberly, Kaukauna, Notre Dame

Spectators: ​At this time, allowing 2 spectators per a participant that must be a family member. Spectators are asked to wear a face covering, maintain 6 feet of distance, and avoid team areas/start line/finish line. Parking will be available on Weiler Road.

Races/Release Times:

2:15pm –  Girls’ Release Time from Virtual Classes
2:45pm – Boys’ Release Time from Virtual Classes
2:15-3:15pm – Girl Parent(s) Transport Athlete to Meet
2:45-3:45pm – Boy Parent(s) Transport Athlete to Meet
3:15pm (no later than) – Girl Athletes report to Team Area for temp check/questionaire, and to get chips and bibs.
3:45pm (no later than) -Boy Athletes report to Team Area for temp check and to get chips and bibs.
4:15pm Girls’ Varsity (8 runners)
4:45pm Boys’ Varsity (8 runners)

What to Bring:

  • Pre-race snack for after school and before race
  • Come dressed to run (except carry spikes):
    • Uniform – Blue “Championship Phase” Uniforms
    • Warm up or equivalent for over uniform (There is no Camp Gard/bus -so dress warmly).
    • Training shoes
  • Mask (worn at all times except racing)
  • Racing shoes (spikes)
  • Second Mask (for back-up)
  • Personal Water Bottle (Labeled) – Make sure it is full!
  • Bring extra bottled water in your bags as needed – no water available.
  • After race snack and additional water (for after the race)
  • Garbage bag for belongings left outside
  • Plastic Bag to take to the line for your warm up

WIAA Uniform/Equipment Regulations:
As it gets cold we want to remind our runners of the apparel rules for racing:

  • Gloves:
    Gloves may be worn.
    No regulation on color(s).
  • Shoes/Spikes:
    Athletes must compete using the defined appropriate shoes/spikes. Spikes, if allowed may NOT be longer 1/2 inch.
  • Jewelry
    There are no longer any restrictions regarding jewelry.
  • Headware
    The only allowed head coverings are knit caps/headbands (ear warmers) which may be solidor multi-colored. School names, nicknames, and mascots are allowed, along with a manufacturer’s logo. Items covering the entire head such as scarves, bandannas, do-rags, baseball caps, etc. may not be worn during competition. Waivers for other head coverings may be issued for religious or medical situations by the WIAA staff.
    A single manufacturer’s logo/trademark no more than 2 1/4 square inches with no dimension more than 2 1/4 inches is permissible on all apparel, including clothing worn under the uniform.
  • Flags/Patches
    The American Flag may be worn on the uniform, but shall not exceed 2″ x 3″.
    Other items may be placed on the team warm-ups provided the warm-ups are not worn in actual competition.
  • Undergarments:
    Any visible garments worn underneath the uniform top and/or bottom is considered a foundation garment.  Foundation garments can be any length (including long tights) are not subject to logo/trademark/reference or color restrictions. Reflective tape is not a violation. A sports bra is considered a foundation garment and are not considered as visible undergarments and therefore could contain more than one color in the fabric.

Team Areas: ​Following procedures from all our meets this year teams will be asked to safe distance in the parking lot. Please do not locate on the grass fringes as has been done in previous years.

Lane Assignments:

Lane 1 Hortonville
Lane 2 Neenah
Lane 3 Kaukauna
Lane 4 Kimberly
Lane 5 Green Bay Notre Dame

Toilets: ​toilets will be available near the parking lot facility. We ask that the clubhouse bathroom not be used for this meet. ​Student-athletes should not be in the clubhouse facility unless invited by meet management,

Concessions: ​There will be no concessions for this meet.

Face Covering:​ Face Coverings should be worn at all times except when running or warming up. Coaches should wear face covering, especially when in close proximity to other people.

Starting Line:​ ​Runners cannot report to the start line until 10 min before the start. They may do warm up strides and drills in the field or adjacent areas prior to reporting to the starting line. Masks will be worn until 30 sec before the race starts. Runners should hold their masks so they have access to them at the finish or if they feel a need to use them during the race. No team huddles or cheers, only athletes and coaches allowed at start area

After Race: ​Runners should use no more than 20 minutes to cool down and leave with parents as soon as possible after boys race to leave.