Coach Vecera has worked in the sporting goods industry for 30 years.  The last 16 years have been with New Balance Athletic Company, so all aspects of multiple sports have surrounded him, including running at the highest level.  However, what sparked his passion for running was watching his boys run and compete in the NDA CC program.

Coach Vecera ran his first race at the 2012 Bellin, which started his journey into competitive running.  Since then, he has gone on to run races of various distances from the 5K to the Marathon.  He qualified for the Boston Marathon during his first Marathon in 2014 and has since run three consecutive Boston’s and just qualified for 2018.

Coach Vecera knows firsthand what it’s like to start running and the struggles one goes through mentally and physically to get to the next level.  He feels, “the great thing about running is that it is a very personal thing.  No matter your speed, you can set goals and work with your individual talents.  Whether you aspire to be a top varsity runner, are running to get in shape, or participate for the social aspect of being on a large team, running for the Tritons allows you to be the best you for all three.”

Coach Vecera and his wife Gina have two sons (Anthony & Evan) who are currently both attending Creighton University.  Their daughter Mattea is finishing her freshman year at NDA and plans to join the NDA CC program as well next year.