Sectional @ Hortonville (10/23)

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

Sectional Results

Date:  Friday October 23rd, 2020

Host School: Hortonville Area School District.

Course Map 

Race Course Location: Greenville Lions Park,  Municipal Drive Greenville, WI 54942.  The park entrances are just off of Hwy 76 and either entrance will bring you around to the parking lots.

Who participates?:  NDA Runners who qualified at the Subsectional – Boys Varsity Team,  3 Individual Girls: Molly Desotell, Lauren Conway and Camille Broullire.


10:00 am (no later than) Complete Magnus
1:45 pm Girls Released from Virtual Classes
2:30 pm Course Opens for Preview
2:45 pm (no later than) Girls should arrive Greenville Lions Park
3:30 pm (no later than) Boys should arrive Greenville Lions Park
4:00 pm Girls Race (4 teams + 10 Individual runners)
4:45 pm Boys Race ( 4 teams + 10 individual runners)


  • Teams can arrive no earlier than 105 minutes prior to race. They will have 90 minutes to preview the course.
  • Team packet and COVID paperwork must be completed. This form is to be given in exchange for the team packet.​ COVID-19 Symptom Checklist Verification Form.

Unique Transportation:  Parents will transport their own athlete to the meet (they may not ride with non-related parent).Athletes are not permitted to drive themselves. Parents please sign and complete the Travel Release Form – CLICK HERE and return to Coach Becky Smith at practice. If you previously wrote on the form – “valid for all meets” you do not need to fill this out again.

Girls Box Assignments:
Box 1: ​Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln  – ​Box 2: ​Neenah –  ​Box 3: ​Paige Morrell – ​Box 4: ​Anika Tollerud – Box 5: ​Macy Reybrock ​- Box 6: ​Grace Chelberg  – ​Box 7: ​Olivia Krahn – ​Box 8: ​Camille Broullire – Box 9: ​Maggie Munson – ​Box 10: ​Lauren Conway –  ​Box 11: ​Molly Desotell​ -Box 12: ​Braeya Thomas​ – Box13:​Kaukauna​ – Box14: Kimberly

Boys Box Assignments:
Box 1: ​Hortonville ​- Box 2: ​Neenah- ​Box 3: ​Noah Dalege ​- Box 4: ​Colin Welnitz – ​Box 5: ​Luke Donart – ​Box 6: ​Drew Homan – ​Box 7: ​Caleb Zernicke- B​ox 8: ​Nate Meeks ​- Box 9: ​Aaron Schimke – Box 10: ​Jason Skinkis ​- Box 11: ​Mason Raasch – ​Box 12: ​Kalon Dvorak -​Box 13: ​Kimberly ​-Box 14: ​Notre Dame Academy

Schools Represented: ​Fox Valley Lutheran, Hortonville, Kaukauna, Kimberly, Neenah, New London, Notre Dame Academy, Plymouth, Port Washington, Seymour, Shawano, Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln

Timing:  Timing will be done by PTtiming.


  • Limited spectators will be allowed at the event. We ask that no more than 4 spectators per runner.
  • Spectators must keep their distance from runners and teams and may not crowd around the start or finish lines.
  • It is recommended that all spectators wear masks while at the course. It is required if any spectator is within six feet of a participant.
  • Admission will be charged at the entry of the park.
  •  No concessions will be offered.

Equipment: All athletes and coaches must bring masks and their own water bottles. No team tents will be allowed.


  • The Meet Official will be Ronald Margelofsky and the starter will be Bruce Zellner.
  • A licensed athletic trainer will be provided starting at 3:00 pm at the top shelter.

Buses:  Buses will drop off and park at the bottom of Lions Park by the barn. Meet workers will assist in parking buses. Busses will be able to exit directly onto Hwy 76.


  • Masks worn at all times unless running during warmup or racing.
  • Coaches masks worn at all times when in close proximity to athletes or other coaches.This includes during races.

Team areas:  More information regarding team areas and restrooms will be provided upon arrival.

Coaches Meeting/Jury of Appeals:  TDB

After the Race/Awards:

  • Teams should race and leave.
  • All awards will be mailed to member schools. There will be no ceremony on site.
  • State qualifiers will be posted on the WIAA Website on Sunday, October 25th, 2020.

Qualification Criteria to Progress to State:  Top 2 teams and 5 additional individual qualifiers from the sectional that do not qualify with their team

.WIAA Information on the State Tournament Series (including sub-sectional, sectional) – CLICK HERE