The Great 2020 Gelato Intra-Squad Race (9/18)

Sara of Sara’s Artisan Gelato is a NDA CC Alum!
We  raced to win some of her amazing gelato or cookies.  It was a beautiful day with nearly perfect conditions on the course at Colburn Park.
Sara’s is located at 933 Anderson Drive, Green Bay, 54304
Updated:  Sept 22, 2020

Boys “Gelato” Results:

  • TeamMcGowan defeated TeamKimble and TeamReynders in the most dominating win in Gelato Race history. (OK – it was the only Gelato Race ever run, but still TeamMcGowan separated itself from the crowd – 19 points ahead of its closest competiton.) Congratulations to TeamMcGowan, expertly coached by Coach Cassidy McGowan.
  • Scoring runners were – Charlie DeRuyter (2 points), Jeremy Aguilar (3 points), Mitchell Martin (6 points), Giacomo D’Alessandro (7 points) and Pablo Cuene (10 points) who brought home the gelato.
  • Other TeamMcGowan competitors with great effort included: Aidan Clancy, Noah Ciriacks and John Hackl.
  • Special shout out to Jack Christensen of TeamReynders who was our medalist – placing first place in the Gelato Race! Jack also wins gelato!

Girls’ Gelato Results:

  • TeamSmith pulled off the 1-point victory of TeamAuricchio in the closest Gelato Race ever run by NDA. (OK – it was the only Gelato Race ever run, but still 1 point!) Congratulations to TeamSmith, expertly coached by Coach Becky Jo Smith!
  • Scoring runners were – Emily Briski (2 points), Emma Cooper (4 points), Cece Brummel (5 points), Delaney VandenHouten (12 points) and Mia Lemkuil (15 points) brought home the gelato.
  • Other TeamSmith competitors with great effort included: Francesca Van Drisse, Olivia Holschuh, Faith Frehlich, Madison Hejny, Baylee Brabazon, Anna Lippert, Elaine Chosa, Sienna Callaway, Anna Smith, Renee Porod, and Barbara Inciarte.
  • Special shout out to Lucy Brada of TeamAuriccho who was our medalist – placing first overall in the Gelato Race! Lucy also wins gelato!

Who?  Our extended JV (eliminating the top 16) will compete against each other in an intra-squad meet.

What?  5K races, 3 teams of boys (all NDA), 3 teams of girls (all NDA)

Where?  Colburn Park

When?Friday, Sept 18, 2020, girls 3:00pm, boys 3:45pm

How?   PT timing will score the race, timing chips/bibs, referee start, full uniform, and spikes.

Why?  To win gelato and set PRs!  (gelato and jelly beans what could be better?)

Other Notes:

  • Scoring:First 5 in will score and next 3 will “displace.”  PT timing will time and team score.
  • You must run to win.
  • Teams will practice together on Thursday (at least for a portion of practice.)
  • Each team has co-(tri-)leaders – show your leadership style by pulling together your team at practice on Thursday.
  • Each of the winning teams and their coach will win Sara’s Artisan gelato (or cookies).
  • You will be given colored wrist bands for during the race to know who is your teammate and who is the competition.

Questions? Email of text Mrs. Cullen, 920 562 7850 or


Lane Assignments/Wrist Band Colors:

Girls’ IntraSquad Race:  
TeamAuricchio – Box 1 – yellow wrist bands
TeamSmith – Box 3 – orange wrist bands.
TeamLetter – Box 5 – red wrist bands

Boys’ IntraSquad Race:
TeamKimble – Box 2 – yellow wrist bands
TeamReynders – Box 3 – orange wrist bands
TeamMcGowan -Box 4 – red wrist bands

Team Assignments/Leaders:  If you are not on this list, please contact Mrs. Cullen for a team assignment.  (Top 16 are not part of the competition.)

Team Leaders Last Name First Name Team
Augustine Macy TeamLetter
Barajas Brenedyn TeamSmith
Team Leader Barington Faith TeamLetter
Barington Grace TeamLetter
Team Leader Berndt Olivia TeamLetter
Brabazon Baylee TeamSmith
Brada Lucy TeamAuricchio
Briski Emily TeamSmith
Brown Soo-Yin TeamAuricchio
Brummel Celia TeamSmith
Callaway Kylie TeamLetter
Callaway Sienna TeamSmith
Carranza Aretzi TeamSmith
Castro Kaelyn TeamLetter
Chosa Elaine TeamSmith
Team Leader Cooper Emma TeamSmith
Coppens Naya TeamLetter
Del Frate Grace TeamLetter
Eberhardt Morgan TeamAuricchio
Frehlich Faith TeamSmith
Gallagher Delaney TeamAuricchio
Team Leader Gapinski Sonja TeamLetter
Grosvenor Eleanor TeamAuricchio
Gruesen Anna TeamLetter
Team Leader Grzelak Katelyn TeamAuricchio
Guevara Aira TeamLetter
Hawley Emily TeamSmith
Hejny Madison TeamSmith
Holschuh Olivia TeamSmith
Inciarte Barbara TeamSmith
Kukiela Molly TeamLetter
Lagowski Allie TeamAuricchio
Lamm Allison TeamAuricchio
Lemkuil Mia TeamSmith
Lippert Anna TeamSmith
Mach Alexandra TeamLetter
McKenna Elizabeth TeamAuricchio
McKenna Evelyn TeamAuricchio
Mendoza Andrea TeamAuricchio
Nolle Maria TeamAuricchio
Team Leader Porod Renee TeamSmith
Prosser Olivia TeamLetter
Team Leader Quinn Susanna TeamAuricchio
Quinn Taylor TeamLetter
Rose Madeline TeamAuricchio
Simpson Jasmine TeamLetter
Skaletski Emma TeamLetter
Team Leader Smith Anna TeamSmith
Smullen Danica TeamLetter
Sternig Greta TeamAuricchio
Van Drisse Caroline TeamLetter
Van Drisse Francesca TeamSmith
Vanden Houten Delaney TeamSmith
Vanden Houten Riley TeamAuricchio
Weiss Addie TeamAuricchio
Team Leader Welker Allison TeamAuricchio
Witczak Lauren TeamLetter
Zavaleta Ana TeamAuricchio
Team Leader Aguilar Jeremy TeamMcGowan
Baez Alejandro TeamKimble
Brabant Jack TeamMcGowan
Campbell Owen TeamKimble
Team Leader Christensen Jack TeamReynders
Ciriacks Noah TeamMcGowan
Team Leader Clancy Aidan TeamMcGowan
Cuene Duke TeamKimble
Cuene Pablo TeamMcGowan
D’Alessandro Giacomo TeamMcGowan
DeRuyter Charlie TeamMcGowan
Elfner Alexander TeamKimble
Gard Sam TeamKimble
Hackl John TeamMcGowan
Team Leader Hargrove Laken TeamKimble
Healy Alex TeamReynders
Jarocki Jeremy TeamReynders
Kane Bryce TeamKimble
Klein Griffin TeamKimble
Martin Mitchell TeamMcGowan
Massabni Nicholas TeamReynders
Micksch Joe TeamKimble
Neta Felix TeamReynders
Team Leader Neveau Tyler TeamKimble
Olson Mason TeamReynders
Phillips Thomas TeamReynders
Team Leader Schumacher Matt TeamReynders
Shade James TeamMcGowan
Wied Simon TeamReynders