Notre Dame Academy Meet @ Colburn Park (10/2)

Updated Oct 2, 2020

Race Results Oct 2 – Click Here

Location: Colburn Park, Green Bay, From Hwy 41, exit east on West Mason St., turn right at Fisk St., go two blocks and turn left into the park. Continue to parking lot beyond the pool.

Course Map – Color
Course Map – Black and White

Participating Teams: Hortonville, Kaukauna, Neenah, Notre Dame Academy and Two Rivers.

Parent Volunteers Needed:
We are, again, asking for help this Friday and the Signup Genius linked below has the positions we looking to fill. An important note about the meet on Friday, there will be FOUR races with Notre Dame in the first two. All volunteers will need to remain at the course from 3:45 to approximately 6:15. If you have any questions, please contact the Parent Volunteer Coordinator, Michelle Nowak, at or 920-634-9065.

Release Times/Arrival Times:

The race times and release time for Friday have changed to:

Girls Racing on Oct 2 – Release and Arrival:
2:30 pm Release for girls on virtual schedule, Magnus by 10:00am, please arrive at Colburn Park no later than 3:00 pm for health check at the chip timing table.

Boys Racing on Oct 2  – Release and Arrival
No early release (except in individual cases due to travel time)   Magnus by 10:00am, please arrive at Colburn Park no later than 3:30pm for health check at the chip timing table.

Schedule of Races:

Note:  Cancelled – 2:45pm and 3:30pm Extended JV Races.  🙁
4:15 pm Girls’ Varsity/JV: NDA vs Neenah vs Two Rivers
4:45 pm Boys’ Varsity/JV:  NDA vs Neenah vs Two Rivers
5:15 pm  Girls’ Varsity/JV: Kaukauna vs Hortonville
5:45 pm Boys’ Varsity/JV:  Kaukauna vs Hortonville

Starting Box Assignments:

Box 1 – Neenah – Kaukauna
Box 2 – Notre Dame Academy – Hortonville
Box 3 – Two Rivers


  • Buses will be used for shelter in case of inclement weather. Buses can be parked in either parking lot – near the pool or by the shelter.

Team Areas:

  • A map is attached indicating the approximate locations of each team’s assigned team area.
  • Grassy areas separated by distance from other teams is designed to facilitate social distancing and reduce contact among teams.
  • Team areas will be identified with flags and white painted markings.
  • Each team areas is divided to allow for gender separation.
  • No tents please.
  • Coaches will monitor team areas to make sure masks are worn and athletes are abiding to physical distancing.

Race Packets:  Chips and bibs can be picked up at the Finish Line.

Official:  A WIAA official will be officiate the meet.

Spectator Policies for Parents of Participants:

  • Although we would love to have all our teammates and their parents at Colburn on Friday Oct 2, we are limited to 2 parents for each participant, plus our volunteers who are helping us run the meet.
  • We will broadcast on Instagram Live so please plan to send your support of your teammates over the airwaves by following –  ndxcgreenbay
  • Two parents per participant are allowed.
    • Spectators must wear masks and maintain 6 feet of social distance at all times.
    • Spectators must stay at least 100 feet away from the starting and finish lines and stay 6 feet away from each other, masked, when on any part of the course.
    • Spectators must stand at least 6 feet away from the course as runners pass.
    • Spectators are not allowed in the team areas.
  • Dogs are not permitted (WIAA requirement).


  • All athletes and coaches must bring masks and their own water bottles.
  • There are no facilities for athletes to change. Please arrive prepared to run.


  • Masks worn at all times unless running during warmup or racing.
  • Coaches’ masks shall be worn at all times when in close proximity to athletes or other coaches.  This includes during races.
  • All those working at the race must wear a mask at all times and maintain social distance from all present.

 Trainer:  A trainer will be available.

.Restrooms:  Portable toilets (4) are located in the parking lot.  The shelter restrooms will not be open.

 Starting line:

  • Runners cannot report to the start line until 10 min before the start.  They may do warm up strides and drills in the adjacent field.
  • Masks will be worn until 30 sec before the race start.  Runners should hold their masks so they have access to them at the finish or if they feel a need to use them during the race.
  • Only athletes and coaches allowed at start area.
  • For the Varsity/JV Combined Races:
    • Teams will line up their top 8 runners on the line 6 feet apart.  The next 8 runners will line up behind their teammates 6 feet behind them.  Both will start at the gun.


  • Runners should do their best to not run directly next to, in front of, or behind someone within reason.
  • Runners should run through the chute and disperse from the finish line immediately after the race.  We will have workers to facilitate this process.

 After the Race:

  • Runners will be afforded 20 minutes to complete a cool down. That cool down should not be done on any part of the course that would impede the runners of the next race.
  • After racing runners may watch the other races by spreading out throughout the course, masks on, 6 feet distanced from each other, with no gathering within 100 yards of the start or finish areas for the course.
  • After the races, teams should immediately board buses and leave.


  • Timing will be done by
  • The wave adjusted times for the Extended JV races will be manually adjusted – the individual scores will likely not be posted for several hours/next morning.
  • The JV/Combined Varsity will be scored varsity only using the top five runners from each team.  No designation between varsity and JV will be used.
  • The results will be posted at