When/Where:  Sunday, Sept 8, NDA Cross Country Mass/Brunch @ St. John the Baptist, Howard

This is a message from one of our Senior Captains, Sam Van Straten, who would appreciate your assistance as he seeks to make sure all members of our community have access to the resources needed to run!

“Hello, I am Sam Van Straten, and I have been working with the YWCA Greater Green Bay in the creation of a Family Runners’ Locker.

National and local data shows we do not have inclusivity and diversity in running. Our solution to this issue is the Family Runners’ Locker. The Family Runners’ Locker will provide fitness gear and help local community members of all ages interested in running who are experiencing barriers to participating in this great sport. By providing running essentials, race entry vouchers, a training program, and education related to the benefits and mechanics of running, we can make a bigger impact on the whole community.

You can help by donating your family’s new or gently used running clothing and shoes.  Clothing for all ages and sizes are welcome!  I will have collection bins located at the brunch after the Cross Country Mass on Sunday September 8th.

We will be accepting new or gently-used:

Technical T-Shirts or Tanks (Not Cotton)
Running jackets or pants
Socks (new only)

Donate $$

Thank you for considering sharing your items and love for running!

September 1, 2019

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